Refrigeration Equipment

Cold Room Refrigeration Equipments are innovatively designed with the assistance of the industry knowledge and experience. These are applicable where there is sufficient ventilation. The whole room is fitted with an on-board air cooled refrigeration system. This is capable of holding foodstuffs at the required temperature like Chilled foods: +2 to +10C (Adjustable), Fresh meats: -2 to +5°C (adjustable), Frozen foods: -18 to -2°C. The equipment is manufactured to take the condensed air from the coolest area i.e. Bottom of unit. The condenser is available with a filter that can be cleaned after removing. The unit is selected to operate in ambient temperatures up to +3°C and optional tropical version if required. If there is insufficient ventilation there will be a heat disposal system that will condense heat with the means of water heat transfer system. The interconnecting pipe work consists non-kink neoprene hose and the whole system is filled with a water glycol solution.